Saturday, May 26, 2012

Theatre review: "The Fox on the Fairway" at Little Lake Theatre. Sunday 27th May 2012

Little Lake Theater is producing a quite recent play by Ken Ludwig, best-known for Lend Me a Tenor. This one, from 2010, is The Fox on the Fairway. He calls it a farce and, in an article included in the program book, he writes why and, interestingly, goes into the history of farce.

Clearly Ludwig’s script fits his definition of farce. He describes that as broad comedy with an emphasis on story and plotting with “a physical knockabout quality ..filled with recognizable characters…in precarious situations.” 

About a year ago The Fox on The Fairway played not far from New York, at New Brunswick NJ, with a cast of people with New York credits and got a good review in the New York Times, more for the performances than the play itself.

Ludwig certainly wrote some funny lines and good verbal gags. But director Sunny Disney Fitchett emphasizes playing 
everything wildly, at top volume with frenetic movement and the zippy phrases flash by swiftly.You may need to listen beneath the frenzy to grab them before they get drowned out.

A young guy named Justin has been newly hired for the staff at Quail Valley Country Club, which has an impending golf tournament against a rival club. It turns out Justin is a whiz on the green. His boss Bingham (played by Little Lake reliable Art De Conciliis) has a pushy wife and a long standing antagonism towards wealthy, idiosyncratic Dickie who owns the other club. Dickie’s ex-wife Pamela seems hot to trot with Bingham and Justin’s game may be thrown off by misunderstandings with his fiancĂ© Louise.

This is the core of an incredible amount of action while all the six characters run around trying to solve tiny crises and trivial mistakes.

Everyone in the cast contributes capable, believable non-stop energy but with only rudiments of character, except for Nathan Bell as Justin; he projects a nice sense of innocence.

Amazingly there is no profanity. And there’s no smoking. There are some sexual situations, broad ones, if you know what I mean. And no animals were harmed in this production.

The Fox on the Fairway keeps on leaping through June 9th at Little Lake Theatre, 500 Lakeside Drive, Canonsburg, 724-745-6300

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