Sunday, November 4, 2012

Playlist: "Classics" Sunday, 4th November 2012

Alan Beeler "Slices" Navona NV 5874 Flute, Clarinet,Viola & Piano Quartet No. 2 w/Lisa Hennessy, fl-Yhasmin Valenzuela, cl-Mark Berger, viola-Karolina Rojahn, p.
Ellen Taafe Zwilich 
"Zwilich: Violin Concerto-Rituals" Naxos 8.559268-"Rituals" w/ NEXUS & IRIS Chamber Orchestra-Michael Stern, conductor
Stuart Sankey "The Louisville Orchestra-Fox: Night Ceremonies-Sankey: Variations for Orchestra -Endo" Louisville LP 780 "Variations for Orchestra" w/ Louisville Symphony Orchestra-Akira Endo, conductor
Armando Bayolo "Jeffrey Weisner-Neomonology" innova 833 "Mix Tape: Kid's Got The Beat/Turn Around/AVery Brief Meditation on the Nature of Parentheses/Room to Lay The Law" w/Jeffrey Weisner, double-bass

Ronald Perera "Coro Allegro-Awakenings" Navona NV 5878 "Why I Wake Early" (poems by Mary Oliver): "Morning at Great Pond," "Summer Poem," "White Night"  w/Lisa Brooke, Sonja Larson,vns-Sandra Norter,viola-Reinmar Seidler,cello-Darryl Hollister.p-Joanna Taylor.sop.-Leah Souder.mez-sop.-Brian Abascal,ten-Kevin Verrette, bass-Coro Allegro-David Hodgkins,director

 "Jeremy Beck-Ionsound Project" innova 797 Sonata No. 2 for Cello and Piano w/Elisa Kohanski, cello-Rob Frankenberry,p  & 'September Music: "Retrospect" w/ Peggy Yoo,fl-Kathleen Costello, cl-Laura Motchalov,vn-Kohanski, Frankenberry

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