Monday, April 22, 2013

Playlist: "Classics" Sunday 21st April 2013

"Lou Harrison-Scenes from Cavafy" New World Records 80710-2-"Scenes from Cavafy”: “Gending Ptolemy" w/ John Duykers, singer-Gamelan Pacifica Chorus-Gamelan Pacifica-Jarrad Powell, director

"James Hartway:Imaginary Creatures/Scenes from a Marriage" Naxos 8.559346-"Images of Mogador": "Trance Music; From the Minaret" w/The Woodland Trio:Jeffrey Zook, flute-Caroline Coade, viola-Kerstin Allvin, harp

"David Gompper: Violin Concerto" Naxos 8.559637-"Ikon" w/Wolfgang David, violin-Royal Philharmonic Orchestra-Emmanuel Siffert, conductor

"Anthony Piccolo-Imaginary Symphony and other tales" Navona NV 5904-"Imaginary Symphony": "Lady Bug's Rain Song," "Dream"w/Campanella Children’s Chorus- Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra-Petr Vronsky, conductor

David Gillingham-"Mccormick Percussion Group-Concerti for Piano with Percussion Orchestra" Ravello RR7862-Concerto for Piano and Percussion Orchestra w/Ji Hyun Kim, piano-Mccormick Percussion Group-Robert Mccormick, conductor

"Ben Johnston-String Quartets Nos. 1,5 & 10" New World Records 80693-2-String Quartet No. 10 w/ Kepler Quartet

"Arthur Levering-Still Raining, Still Dreaming" New World Records 80662-2-same w/Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble-Scott Wheeler, conductor

"Jonathan Leshnoff: Chamber Music" Naxos 8.559721-String Quartet No. 2 "Edelman": 3rd movement w/Carpe Diem String Quartet

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