Friday, June 28, 2013

My finale

Hello! My last WRCT broadcasts of “The Best of Broadway” and “Classics” are June 30th. I’m leaving Pittsburgh in a few months to move to Omaha.

I’ve been hosting programs on WRCT since 2003 and continue to admire and respect the CMU students who have kept the station going, taking on the many responsibilities which make its existence possible.

The great thing about WRCT is that it allows students and other local people opportunities to create broadcasts based on their own interests, interests they want to share. So much music on radio, including on public stations, is controlled and dictated by people who run the stations where program hosts have little or no such freedom or creative input. 

I have been able to share what appeals to me most and that's what has always motivated me. When listeners have commented it was much appreciated, showing me that I’ve been connecting with interested people. And I can see on my blog view-counts that someone has looked at my playlists, suggesting that they liked something they heard. That’s good to know.

My theatre reviews have likewise had the same motivation. And I hope that readers have been stimulated to attend the wonderful live theatre that enriches this community.

If you enjoy what program hosts present on WRCT, it would be great if you told them, so that they can know you're there. Because, when you love what we love, that’s a kind of bonding. We become close without ever meeting face to face.



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